About Us

We are the United Outlaws. A group of friends from all around the country who have been playing Rainbow Six together since the days of the ever loved "Training Map." We started out as a small group under a different name and commander.  As we grew and as newer versions of Rainbow Six came out we adopted the name United Outlaws,  we are very comfortable with it and plan on keeping it for as long as there is a Rainbow Six game to play.

Our Director is Huckdabuck.  His Commanders are BoxCar72,  Merriott, SuperB, WhiskeyWench and Tecain.  If you wish to arrange a clan match against us or apply for membership, you should contact our Director or one of the Commanders.



1. Fair and Honest play

2. Don't disrespect clan members

3. No Clan Hopping

4. If you leave the clan you are done, there is no coming back.


1. New Recruits have a 2 week probation period. During this time clan members  will evaluate them during game play to see how well they work, play and get along with others.  After the two week period is over, it will be decided if the recruits are clan material.

2. Our age limit is set for 16 and mature.

3. You must be Decent and Friendly

Remember, we are all here to have fun and enjoy each others company and game play.  Please remember this every time you play and everyone will have an enjoyable time.